Czapek & Cie. Replica Watches The start of a landmark year

Fashion Replica Watches — Baselworld provided an opportunity for Czapek & Cie. to present three reinterpretations of the Quai des Bergues collection. And it also gave us an excuse to talk about the company’s incredible fund-raising scheme.


Czapek, whose history began at the start of the 19th century, was reborn at the end of 2015 thanks to three passionate watch collectors and a crowdfunding initiative. The three entrepreneurs decided to give a hundred or so people the opportunity to be part of Czapek’s renaissance, by allowing them to invest in the company in return for preferential pricing on Swiss replica watches.

Czapek’s first fund-raising campaign, which ended in January during the SIHH, raised CHF 860,000. It was closely followed by a second campaign, which brought in a total of 1.1 million Swiss francs. In the context of Swiss participative funding, these figures are exceptional. Xavier de Roquemaurel, the company’s CEO, is delighted, because the total is 10% more than the goal the company initially set.

The fundraising campaign was conducted simultaneously in three countries – Switzerland, France and the UK – through the Raizers and Crowd for Angels crowdfunding platforms. As a result, the majority of the company’s new shareholders are Swiss, French, Polish, Czech and British, with some from Canada and China.

The watchmaker’s gamble has enabled it to raise the money it needed to fund a new in-house movement, as well as paying for a booth at Baselworld 2016. For its début appearance, the company presented three reinterpretations of its Quai des Bergues models.

Secret phrase
It’s the ultimate in customisation: a secret phrase is hidden on the dial, appearing only when the sun reflects off the watch face. The secret signature of François Czapek was universally admired the first time it was seen. Now, the company is offering to customise the timepiece by engraving specific words suggested by the client, in place of the Polish watchmaker’s secret phrase. The edition presented in Basel was therefore a prototype for the customisation that is possible today. This watch was made at the request of a client who wanted to send a personal message to his father, with a quotation from the late David Bowie. Hidden, but reappearing on demand, the phrase “We can be heroes for one day” gives a very personal meaning to this timepiece.


Secret sentence © Cheap Fake Czapek & Cie.

Aiguilles Fleurs de Lys in BlackGold
The second reinterpretation of the Quai des Bergues collection is the No. 33, whose fleur de lys hands impart a sense of refinement and timeless elegance to the watch. The hands are produced using a unique process, carved individually using an ultra-fine tool, then polished and chamfered by hand. Available up to now only in 4N rose gold, the same watch now also comes in BlackGold or 18K black rhodiumised gold. This variation undoubtedly gives the watch a bold modern touch.


Fleurs de Lys hands, in BlackGold © Czapek & Cie.

Titane DiamondBlack ADLC
Finally, the third reinterpretation has been applied to the No. 27, which now comes with an intense black ADLC (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon) finish. PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition) technology was applied in a vacuum to achieve the effect, making the coating chemically inert and stable over time.  It also absorbs certain wavelengths, thus creating a black effect while remaining transparent. The finer the coating, the more intense the black.


DiamondBlack ADLC © Czapek & Cie. Replica Watches

Blancpain Replica Watches Artistic crafts ride the wave

Fashion Replica Watches — Blancpain once again uses Shakudō for a one-of-a-kind model featuring an even more artistic technique, Rokushō.


Among the new models presented at Baselworld 2016, Blancpain proudly unveiled its one-off creation from the Métiers d’Art atelier, titled “The Big Wave”. This watch notably draws inspiration from turbulent seas and showcases a fine stone used by the brand for the first time: Mexican silver obsidian.
In addition to the first use of this material in the brand collections, a new technique also makes its appearance: Japanese Rokushō patina.

Blancpain had already featured the Shakudō technique in its Shakudō Ganesh model that won the Artistic Crafts category prize in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in October 2015.

In this latest creation, the technique used by the Maison to design “The Big Wave” applique involves several successive phases. Firstly, the applique is fixed to a Shakudō base before being coated with a unique patina by immersing it into a bath of copper sulfate Rokushō salts. Once the patina has been applied, certain parts of the wave roller are polished so as to intensify the impression of a huge billowing wave. Finally, the engraving is affixed to the Mexican silver obsidian. The result creates an ever changing appearance playing on subtle tones.


Grande Vague © Blancpain Replica Watches

Origins of the breaker wave
The engraving adorning this Blancpain watch model is inspired by the Grand Wave of Kanagawa, a Japanese woodblock print created by the artist Hokusai. The in-house master-engravers have chosen to highlight the contrast between the power and motion of the wave on the one hand, and the symbolism of purity and balance characterising grey obsidian on the other.

The beating heart
“The Big Wave” is powered by a mechanical hand-wound 13R3A movement, a new version of the famous 13RO calibre. The power reserve is no longer displayed on the dial, but instead on the bridge side of the model, so as to provide sufficient space in which to ensure optimal visibility of the engraving, which is the focal point of the timepiece. Equipped with three series-coupled barrels, the movement has an 8-day power reserve. The second barrel takes over from the first before the latter’s strength diminishes, and the third barrel does the same in turn.

The timepiece is enhanced by a pleasing colour match between the dial and the storm grey of the bespoke calfskin strap crafted by a Swiss artisan.
It must be emphasised that this model is indeed one of a kind, and that even if there were a wish to create several “Big Wave” watches, no two would ever be alike, due to the unique nature of the Rokushō technique which gives an entirely unpredictable and unexpected final appearance to the materials that are used.

Best Swiss EPOS Replica Mechanical Watches UK Sotre

EPOS SA was fund in 1983 by Peter Hofer, who is recognized as Tabulation master. On the basis of the company James Aubert built in 1925, EPOS Insist to make mechanical cheap replica watches.

epos paasion ref.3406chronogra mike schmid replica watches

The main feature of EPOS replica watch is numerous in variety. It has a series of Swiss fake watches, Passion、Sophistiquee, Emotion,Perfection,Sportive and so on.Customers can choose anyone of it cause it has many different kinds from three-pin watch to watches with date, week and timing function. It is known as the most recommended watch in watch industry.

best swiss replica epos watches

EPOS replica watches use High-end materials. Many shell of best copy watches is Gold-plated stainless steel which is beautiful and cost-effective. All the watch movement are assembled in their own factory to ensure every detail wouldn’t be ignored.Thus, every watch of EPOS is art treasures with collection value.

Parmigiani Replica UK Tonda Hémisphères Globo Exquisite and Elegant Lady Watch

As the present for ladies watches replica, it has a exactly emtional property for the freedom because of which an exquisite lady watch appeared. On the basis of Tonda Hémisphères men’s watch, this ladies’watch fusion of exquisite texture and master craft makes the watches fully shows its arts beauty.

Tonda Hémisphères watch carries Parmigiani homemade automatic movement PF337 and exactly adjusted the second time zone to minute time so that it own a whole second time zone display which reflect brand’s chasing on innovating. It could synchronize the world time all because of the machnical equipment in the movement(has won the patent). The second time could be adjusted indivisual as whole hour and several minutes.

Tonda Hémisphères so that could be synchronized global time-Deviation in half an hour from GMT. The asjustment equipment of the watch is simple but exquisite. The main crown is used to chain movement and set date and main time zones. The second crown located up of the main crown to adjust second time zone.
Each dial of the watch made before all carried a day and night display window, the dial is colored of white and black,there was a small pointer run around it to display day and night. But referring to Tonda Hémisphères Globo best copy watches, each time zone’s day and night all made of quaquaversal dial, there is an earth engraved on the dial, hald of it shine of sun and another half hide under shadow. The red triangle beside it displays day or night. The watch also displays a different earth which could be viewed that the europe is in the center. Solemn earth dazzling in the universe on the dial makes a poetic imagery.


Talking about Square Watches:World’s Top Ten Best Square AAA Replica Watches UK Cartier&Bell&Ross

There are circular swiss fake watches UK, there should have square watches. Comparing to circular watch, square always down to it, but actually, if you wear it appropriately, it could make you attractive and even over than circular watch. Cartier is as an example. Let’s talk about the world’s square watches.

Cartier Santos Dumont 35mm
Cartier Santos Dumont 35mm

Cartier: Cartier Santos Dumont 35mm
Price: about 60,000CNY
As is known to all, Cartier Santos was made to memory of Cartier’s friend Santos who was a pilot, in 1904, Louis Cartier designed the first model of Santos de Cartier for his Brazil friend Alberto Santos-Dumont for Santos wanted to read time on the basis of aircraft would’t lose control. In 1906, Santos check the watch to read time after landing which spread widely among people of the day.
Santos de Cartier replica UK for lady was made earlier than 1 century ago by Louis Cartier. It still play an important role till today and full of fashion. Its unique art beauty has be an important milestone during the kingdom of Cartier on exploring geometric figure.
Santos de Cartier is one of the first watch designed to wear around wrist. For strap and watch main part integrated. Cartier designed a case with lug.Square case’s arc line extended to the lug which could fit any single accessories.
Connected rectangle and square which is contrary to tractional circular wrist watch. Exploring on form and functions, and sense of beauty, Santos de Cartier shows us the fusion of early art deco, industry design and mental constructions.

Bell & Ross AVIATION BR01-92
Bell & Ross AVIATION BR01-92

Bell & Ross AVIATION BR01-92
Bell & Ross is a cheap fake Swiss watches  company making traser which attracts different professional like diver and pilot, they all regard Bell & Ross as necessary toll while having mission.
Movement:ETA 2892 automatic
Mirror face:scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Strap:leather or nylon