Frédérique Constant Replica Watches Interview with Peter Stas

Fashion Replica Watches — Our editor-in-chief spoke to the Frédérique Constant CEO about the brand’s aggressively priced Slimline Perpetual Calendar watch launched at Baselworld 2016 Replica Watches.frederique-constant-peter-stas-ceo

Last year you were ahead of the curve with your horological smartwatch and this year you have stolen the thunder with an 8,000 Swiss franc perpetual calendar. How do you do it?
It’s not so difficult. We already had a perpetual calendar movement with Ateliers de Monaco [Editor’s note: the high-end Swiss replica watches brand that belongs to the Frédérique Constant Group] that was much more complicated. We just adapted this to make it as cost-efficient as possible and design it so that no adjustment was required during the movement’s assembly. But first of all we designed the dial so that the layout was adapted to a 42mm case size. We went through about 30 different proposals before we found the one we liked. Once we had that we designed the movement underneath to match the locations we needed for the pivots. Since we do everything in house we don’t have any external costs. If you tried to do this with an external supplier you would already have a 40-50% mark-up and all these different external margins add up to make a much more expensive end-product.
The big question then, of course, was what the retail price should be. Other brands have a perpetual calendar for 10,000 Swiss francs, but we can make our full margin at 8,000 Swiss francs. For a brand like us, this is still an expensive fake watches UK. We were only planning to make 500 but we already had 350 orders in Basel so we have doubled this to 1,000.


The first three models of the Manufacture Perpetual Calendar. © Frédérique Constant

Have your watchmakers had to adapt to working on a perpetual calendar movement, since it is one of the most complicated types of movement?
We have made a lot of effort here in terms of our workflow. We produce 20,000 in-house movements a year, so we have developed detailed instruction manuals and tooling manuals for all our staff. The department responsible for this prepares all the material and then passes this on to the T1 department [Editor’s note: the department responsible for movement assembly]. This was one of the reasons that we decided that the movement could not be adjustable.

We are now seeing increasing competition on price even in the segment for complicated watches such as tourbillons and perpetual calendar models. Could this work to the advantage of Frédérique Constant over the coming years?
Our perpetual calendar is a reaction to the strategy of other brands. They have encroached upon our territory and we have reacted to that. We could react to the tourbillon in the same way very easily. I could come to Baselworld next year with a tourbillon for 12,000 Swiss francs, no problem. Should we do that, though? I’m not sure and I have another idea instead.

Frédérique Constant was one of the first Swiss brands to react to the smart watch trend with the Horological Smart Watch. How is the product doing one year on?
Last year we got an enormous response for the Horological Smart Watch. We sold 16,000 of them in just six months, but we don’t want to become associated only with this watch and we also need to defend the remaining 93% of our production. We have recently signed a contract to acquire the licence to the patents of Fullpower. We are going to expand our software team in Geneva to 12 persons to cover the firmware, the iOS app, the Android app and the cloud. We will move the cloud to AWS [Amazon Web Services] in Europe in the next few weeks and will therefore no longer have any issues with privacy. We are working on a ladies’ version that we plan to launch in September. It will be quite flat and 33mm in diameter and as far as I am aware there is no similar smart watch for ladies on the market at the moment.


Horological Smart Watch, 2016 model. © Replica Watches Fashion

Signing a new partnership agreement with Gwyneth Paltrow is another big step for the brand. How did this come about?
We said last year that we wanted to communicate more on a global level as several existing sponsorship agreements were coming to an end. I decided that I wanted to find an A-list ambassador that we could use globally. This started a whole process to find the ambassador and we already went down one dead-end which proved too expensive. I’ve heard Gwyneth Paltrow speak and she is very intelligent and she seemed perfect for the brand. Aletta and I met her in Los Angeles and we connected because we share similar values as far as our charity work is concerned. We have signed a two-year agreement for worldwide use in all media.


© Frédérique Constant

Hamilton Replica Watches Interview with Sylvain Dolla, CEO

— From the sub-1000 franc automatic diver’s Replica Watches to zero-gravity movement testing, Sylvain Dolla gives World watches the low-down on developments at Hamilton Replica Watches.


How was Baselworld for you this year?  
Everything has done really well except for one line, which hasn’t surprised me because it was one that we developed specifically for the Japanese market. The Broadway, our new line, has done very well, which is important because it is a strategic launch for us. But otherwise it’s difficult to single out a particular product, because they have all done well.

The Khaki Navy Frogman is one of my favourite copy watches UK of Baselworld this year. When I look at what you get in this watch for the price you pay, the value is incredible. How do you manage it?
I never forget that if I consider myself as the customer I am going to think twice before I spend 800 – 1000 euros on a watch. I think our customers are familiar with the brand and are very aware of the value. It’s important for us in the industry not to forget that one thousand euros is a lot of money for most people. So I always take into consideration the price. The Frogman is a good example because the brief was to have an ISO-certified dive watch, which is already a technical challenge for the team. It had to be good looking, with character, and integrate elements from the brand’s past. And it had to come in at 995 euros, for the 42mm version. We know there is a big market in Europe for divers watches below 1000 euros. We bring as much value to the product as we can without allowing costs to mushroom. For example, it would have been nice to have a ceramic bezel, but that was just not possible at this price point.


Khaki Navy Frogman. © Fke Hamilton Watches

Last year you started zero-gravity tests on your movements together with ETA. What are your objectives with these?
I spent one and a half hours with the scientists from ETA discussing these tests but I was already lost after two minutes! All I can tell you is that ETA is very excited about these tests because they will allow it to gain real-world data on one of the few remaining unknowns as far as watch movements are concerned. ETA has a lot of scientific analyses and theoretical studies on the effects of gravity on chronometric performance, but it has never been able to test these in practice. Two years ago we started a big project to try to understand this better. The engineers from ETA worked on developing special testing equipment to test the copy  watches in zero gravity. We were not even sure whether we would discover anything on a zero-gravity flight and we took a full-week of flight testing with several flights per day on with a scientific approach, which is why we didn’t really communicate on this.
The scientists have now compiled their results and we had a first debrief one month ago to decide whether or not to continue the tests. I can confirm that the results are contrary to the logic we would expect. Some of the results even showed that the movements were behaving almost as if they have a memory effect, so this has further awakened the interest of the engineers at ETA. It was definitely worth doing.

Can you give us a general idea of the market situation. Is your US heritage reflected in the market?
Yes it is, but we are also the leading mid-range brand in Japan and we are doing very well in Korea, where we are number four. Italy is also a big market for us with considerable growth. China is also an important market and all five of these markets are balanced, so a negative impact from one will not affect us as much as other brands.

Do you think your strong eye on prices could help you in the current situation?
I am very optimistic. The slowdown in some markets will force people to challenge themselves. Eight years ago we had a crisis in Japan for Hamilton but we managed to turn the situation around thanks to some hard work. We’ve had it easy in many markets for a number of years so it’s good to have a bit of a challenge. I think there is still a huge potential in our price segment.
I try not to listen to too much to what others are doing or be influenced too much by the competition. I don’t define my strategy for six months but for years and years. We try to be consistent. We decided ten years ago to focus on mechanical watches in the 500-1,500 Swiss franc price range because that is where we identified the long-term potential. If I had listened to the crowd last year I would have immediately switched to producing smart watches and it would have been a huge mistake. I’m very happy that we invested in mechanical movements instead.


Broadway Auto Chrono. © Replica Watches Fashion UK


Fake Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches Reverso in tribute to René Magritte

Replica Watches For Sale — Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the first in a series of three special edition watches in homage to the Belgian surrealist painter.jaeger-lecoultre_fake_watches

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Black Watches has repeatedly devoted its many crafts to paying homage to artists on the Reverso, which is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Maison De Greef are unveiling the Reverso in tribute to René Magritte, featuring a lacquered engraving of one of his most famous paintings, The Treachery of Images on its case-back. In it the artist depicted a pipe with almost photographic detail under which he wrote the sentence ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ (This is not a pipe).

The great work of this Belgian surrealistic painter will be honoured in three different series of watches. The first series of Reverso special editions is adorned with Magritte’s The Treachery of Images. The painting of Magritte appears like a hidden treasure on the ‘other’ side, revealed when the case-back of the watch is swivelled around to the front. Painted in 1929 in Paris, the original canvas is currently on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This unique homage to René Magritte is realised in close collaboration with Charly Herscovici and the Magritte Foundation.


Reverso in tribute to René Magritte, Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931, steel. © Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica With Black Dial

For this first series, Jaeger-LeCoultre and De Greef  – the most prestigious and oldest jeweller and watchmaker in Belgium – are introducing a white gold watch in a 5-piece edition, and a steel model in a 15-piece edition. Both feature references to the original Reverso presented in 1931. The white gold timepiece is the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 with a silver-toned dial displaying hours, minutes and small seconds; while the steel model is the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931 with a black dial showing the hours and minutes. Both are unique reversible fashion replica watches equipped with the in-house Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 822. The first series of pieces can be admired exclusively at Maison De Greef, while the second and third series will be introduced over the coming years.


© Johann Sauty


Black replica watches A range of styles happily mix it up with black

— A unique Militare Classic Replica Watches UK, with bronze case, is available exclusively at the Parisian concept store.


Anonimo and Colette continue their collaboration and the watchmaking brand presents a new timepiece, now exclusively available at the internationally recognised concept store, situated rue Saint-Honoré, in Paris.

Founded in the same year, 1997, Colette and Anonimo combine Parisian chic and the sporty yet elegant spirit of the Swiss and Italian Alps. The Italian elegance and Swiss quality of Anonimo cheap replica watches is combined with French fashion to create this unique version of the Militare Classic, complete with bronze case, reflecting the Florentine soul of the brand, and a cognac leather strap.

With bold, minimalist design, and a 43.4 mm case, the roots of the Militare collection can be found with Italian military divers. This model, equipped with a self-winding movement, is easily recognisable by the unusual positioning of the crown at 12 o’clock. Thanks to the patented device and set of adjustable lugs, it is comfortable to wear, and the case is guaranteed water-resistant. The dial is uncluttered, with the numerals 12, 04 and 08 arranged in a triangle, a reference to the Matterhorn, the legendary summit on the border of Switzerland and Italy and the brand’s symbol… and also the capital “A” of Anonimo.


Anonimo Militare Classic, available exclusively at Colette. © Fashion Replica Watches

Czapek & Cie. Replica Watches The start of a landmark year

Fashion Replica Watches — Baselworld provided an opportunity for Czapek & Cie. to present three reinterpretations of the Quai des Bergues collection. And it also gave us an excuse to talk about the company’s incredible fund-raising scheme.


Czapek, whose history began at the start of the 19th century, was reborn at the end of 2015 thanks to three passionate watch collectors and a crowdfunding initiative. The three entrepreneurs decided to give a hundred or so people the opportunity to be part of Czapek’s renaissance, by allowing them to invest in the company in return for preferential pricing on Swiss replica watches.

Czapek’s first fund-raising campaign, which ended in January during the SIHH, raised CHF 860,000. It was closely followed by a second campaign, which brought in a total of 1.1 million Swiss francs. In the context of Swiss participative funding, these figures are exceptional. Xavier de Roquemaurel, the company’s CEO, is delighted, because the total is 10% more than the goal the company initially set.

The fundraising campaign was conducted simultaneously in three countries – Switzerland, France and the UK – through the Raizers and Crowd for Angels crowdfunding platforms. As a result, the majority of the company’s new shareholders are Swiss, French, Polish, Czech and British, with some from Canada and China.

The watchmaker’s gamble has enabled it to raise the money it needed to fund a new in-house movement, as well as paying for a booth at Baselworld 2016. For its début appearance, the company presented three reinterpretations of its Quai des Bergues models.

Secret phrase
It’s the ultimate in customisation: a secret phrase is hidden on the dial, appearing only when the sun reflects off the watch face. The secret signature of François Czapek was universally admired the first time it was seen. Now, the company is offering to customise the timepiece by engraving specific words suggested by the client, in place of the Polish watchmaker’s secret phrase. The edition presented in Basel was therefore a prototype for the customisation that is possible today. This watch was made at the request of a client who wanted to send a personal message to his father, with a quotation from the late David Bowie. Hidden, but reappearing on demand, the phrase “We can be heroes for one day” gives a very personal meaning to this timepiece.


Secret sentence © Cheap Fake Czapek & Cie.

Aiguilles Fleurs de Lys in BlackGold
The second reinterpretation of the Quai des Bergues collection is the No. 33, whose fleur de lys hands impart a sense of refinement and timeless elegance to the watch. The hands are produced using a unique process, carved individually using an ultra-fine tool, then polished and chamfered by hand. Available up to now only in 4N rose gold, the same watch now also comes in BlackGold or 18K black rhodiumised gold. This variation undoubtedly gives the watch a bold modern touch.


Fleurs de Lys hands, in BlackGold © Czapek & Cie.

Titane DiamondBlack ADLC
Finally, the third reinterpretation has been applied to the No. 27, which now comes with an intense black ADLC (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon) finish. PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition) technology was applied in a vacuum to achieve the effect, making the coating chemically inert and stable over time.  It also absorbs certain wavelengths, thus creating a black effect while remaining transparent. The finer the coating, the more intense the black.


DiamondBlack ADLC © Czapek & Cie. Replica Watches